We have never taken a copywriting course, never read Breakthrough Advertising, and never even paid for ClickFunnels.

Copywriting? We don't use that.
Here's our scientific psychology-based universal formula to convert anyone across eight different industries.

Run the numbers while we run your money-printing operations.

Is thousands of dollars in a few weeks really possible?

Yes, just ask the owners of these funnels, who...

Have discovered the way to skip the Computer Science major entirely and land a comfy tech job anywhere in America.

By a tech industry professional making a quarter of a million per year and just working only a few hours per day (Silicon Valley royalty, basically).

"5x'd my conversion rate and it makes me $5k per month with just the link in my bio. I don't even run traffic."

Help over 532 hustlers around the world earn in dollars with just an internet connection.

By a Twitter influencer who might or might not have evaded millions in taxes (Don’t tell the British government).

"The affiliate work is the highest converting I have seen. Converts at full price."

Got paid $10,292 in 32 hours.

By a trendsetting mystic and spiritual mentor who replaced the obsolete "Law of Attraction" with the "Law of Creating Your Own Reality".

"My best affiliate."

Break all the rules of the fitness industry with pure science and zero dieting.

By a fitness "anti-guru" who has helped hundreds of women achieve their desired bodies by mastering the power of their mind and ditching gyms.

"I love it."

Have saved chefs' entire salaries from lockdowns by teaching them how to become the restaurant anywhere they are.

By one of Southern California's most sought-after celebrity chefs whose name we can't tell you because we signed an NDA.

"It's great. But keep my identity secret."

And many others we won't show you (For a reason you should know soon).

Here's the "mathematical equation" of a profitable funnel.

We will reveal to you (For free! Keep reading...):

💵 The “plug and play”

💵 Almost scientific

💵 Human psychology-based

💵 Emotions-triggering

💵 And sales notification manifesting

Copy structure we use to succeed in every vertical we have penetrated so far (Over 8 completely unrelated industries and counting).

Serving your perfect client’s mind on a silver platter, with no tactics or gimmicks whatsoever.

Only a pure, replicable, predictable, flawlessly and smoothly transferable framework you’d be burning money every day you don’t use it.

Before you start writing your checks with no prior learning (Because it’s literally plug and play)...

You have to take into consideration this crucial notice or face the consequences of abusing the following methodology:

Crucial point #1:

Never, ever, ever use it to sell garbage to people.

The right words can make anyone do your will like a hypnotist with a Ph.D. in Neurolinguistic Programming…

But leveraging them to f-ck people over is something that will murder any chance of landing worthwhile clients - If you don’t think having a slightly stained reputation is that bad…

Consider that it means getting blacklisted in the eyes of the best paying, most doors opening, and amazing to work with clients.

Crucial point #2:

Ignore crucial point #1 one at your peril.

Unless you want to waste the greatest skill in the history of internet money on Upwork jobs that only pay bills but not the (Insert the object of your dreams here) payments.

If you can't abide by these two simple but career-making-or-breaking rules, close this window right now.

You have been warned.

Got it?

Open up Google Docs. We're gonna write word$.

Say you already landed a client with a specific offer.

If you haven’t…

You’re not ready for this - come back when you close someone for at least $5,500 (No, it’s not that hard).

But if you have...

Seven out of ten times, the offer itself might be stale, dull, another “version of this other piece of this trash that doesn’t work”, and other unseasoned adjectives.

And that's completely normal and expected.

Because neither you nor your client has to:

❌ Engineer the latest million dollar fat loss pill that burns fat pounds in 0.0003 seconds.

❌ Design the trading method that will finally make you some money at the cost of six sleepless nights per week.

❌ Have the research and development budget of a small country’s GDP.

❌ Have an Ivy League marketing degree plus a couple of years of experience in Ogilvy, Deloitte, or whatever agencies reside in that fancy street in New York City.

❌ Be a great storyteller worthy of a Pulitzer Prize.

❌ Do or know whatever - And I mean whatever it is that you’re thinking about right now.

Seriously, whatever is making you think, “Oh, I wish I knew/had this”...you don’t really need it.

Others might, but you will no longer need it in a few seconds, thanks to this.

All you need? Just these five things.

And neither of these are gimmicks, cheap tactics, or stuff you have to pay a dollar for.

Here they are.

They will make or break your campaigns.

First: What makes it unique?

Your offer should be perceived as special and so exclusive they can’t get it anywhere else that isn’t you.

Second: What makes it fool-proof?

Your offer should be perceived as so easy to use, with a benefit that is almost as quick as the motion your customer makes when taking out their credit card after reading your future funnels.

Third: What makes it a no-brainer?

Your offer should be perceived as something that has never failed to deliver, so obviously useful you'd be crazy to not take advantage of it.

Fourth: What makes it jealousy-inducingly scarce?

Your offer should be perceived as scarce...

Not as in “2 hours left”, because nobody falls for that, not the clients with a lot of money at least...

But as something that is not open to anyone (Remember that people desire what they can’t have).

Fifth: What makes it tempting?

Your offer should be perceived as too great… as in:

“Holy sh-t! if I had this my life would change forever”.

Did you pay attention to that small detail?

Notice how we said "perceive" and not "be".

Because in the world of sales, you don’t have to be something.

Only seem like it.

“The perception of reality is more real than reality itself."

And that's all it takes.

Different is better than better.

If you reframe your "dime a dozen offer" as a six-figure winner, it will become a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Hold your horses.

We can feel the dopamine submerging your brain right now.

Remember the first point of warning… don’t use it to sell garbage to people.

If your offer is helpful - It’s your moral duty to change as many lives as possible with your copy, because you’re doing them a great favor.

If your offer is not… press CTRL + W.

So how do we put the grand five pieces of perception together to maximize conversions with the hype of a Tony Robbins motivational seminar?

With four letters.

(F)ear (O)f (M)issing (O)ut.

It has nothing to do with “9 left”.

That’s amateurish.

The high-level 4d chess way to leverage F.O.M.O. in your and your clients’ bank account is the following.

Once your letter...


Excites the reader with a headline that makes a bold promise...


Hooks and reels them in presenting a mysterious scenario, with questions that light a fire under their butt...


Emotionally connects with them through carefully engineered zero-to-hero storytelling, making them feel life-changing hope of massive victory against a super painful problem...


Introduces the one big thing that will finally, after many failed attempts, solve their painful problem...


Explains all the benefits that will give them a new lease on life...


Fortifies your credibility with testimonials of people just like them! that now have a new lease on life thanks to your offer...


Demonstrates predictability with numbers, charts, anything that will make them go: "Wow, this is foolproof and proven!"...


Explains each "value-packed" benefit of the offer...


Builds even more value by adding benefits, which value is just too good to pass up and could even outweigh whatever the price is...


Reveals the investment cost (Never price)...


Removes their risk by guaranteeing their success (Or double their money back, maybe?)...


Sweetens the deal with even more value (And never, never a discount)...

You have to seal the deal.

Here comes the aggressive part.

At this stage, your reader is 1000% confident that the product will not only solve their problem but massively upgrade their lives.

How do you aggressively sell and "scare" your customer into not only giving you their money but into being happier, wealthier, more successful, and whatever their innermost dreams and aspirations are?

You create urgency.

Again (We have to keep telling you this, so you don’t fall into the trap of shortcuts), not with fake scarcity or countdown timers that reset.

Remind them how groundbreaking all of this is.

Let them know that this one of a kind opportunity must be seized now...

❌ Or somebody else will take it from their hands.

❌ Or the powers that be will rush to fix the loophole that is giving them, the average Joe, the opportunity to enjoy a piece of the pie.

❌ Or Big Pharma, nutrition, tech, whatever will ban this to protect their money faucet.

❌ Or maybe just, your offer is too good, and only the best qualified, real go-getters deserve it.

❌ Once you have made them see with their own eyes, this offer has low risk, high reward, and increasingly narrowing scarcity...

You call them to action.

Or even better.

Call them to their future.


❌ Tell them to buy diet pills.


✅ Let them know they can start losing that ugly fat that won't go away... this week.


❌ Tell them to buy your stock.


✅ Let them know they can become one of the early-bird investors alongside other 99 hand-picked, privileged people.


❌ Tell them to buy your course.


✅ Let them know that your masterclass has limited spots available for reservation.


❌ Tell them to join your signals group chat.


✅ Let them know they can get the winning plays before everyone else.

See how easy it is?

We have distilled hundreds of pages of marketing knowledge, thousands of dollars spent in learning what sells (and what doesn't), and years of experience you can't find in any college marketing class.

But wait, there's more.

You have to give them a stern warning.

Make it crystal-clear that if they don't take action now...

😢Their sad lives will remain the same.

😢Their dreams will remain just dreams.

😢The Joneses next door will have taken action and will flex on them every day.

They won't break out of their mediocre vicious loop of despair.

And above all?

😢 They will regret not taking action, probably forever 😢

And that's how you make the sale today.

Not tomorrow.

Not after "Having the customer hear your marketing message seven times". (Who came up with that?)


We have had massive success doing affiliate marketing for info products that launched on the same day.

That’s what it takes.

It’s literally that simple.

And we didn’t have to:

❌ Charge you $2,997 for this knowledge.

❌ Make you read twenty different PDFs and read marketing books older than me.

❌ Make you handwrite sales letters like we lived in the year 1700.

Once you master this little step by step framework, you’ll be making big dollars for you and the lucky people that choose to work with you.

And you’ll be ready to bend the rules at will - a sign of true mastery.

Doing the opposite and bending the rules to make you money.

That's what we do at Estate Media House.

(And it makes Marketing Twitter blue checkmark accounts very mad)

If you need a funnel that weaponizes what you just have read...

Plus a lot more… At delivery time frames the biggest consulting firms in America pay millions for...

Here's what we do to help winners win more.

A 24/7 virtual sales machine.

You'll get beautiful and brilliantly-designed highly converting funnels with all the modern quirks to impress visitors and turn them into clients with just a few clicks.

Digital campaigns that run on their own while you enjoy your free time.

You'll maximize traffic to your business and products by strengthening your online presence with autonomous marketing campaigns (That only need your feedback).

What makes you unique. Turned into a brand.

You'll be put under your market's spotlight with a new, unique identity that will be ingrained in your prospects' minds.

The mind of your prospects, on a silver platter.

You'll predict what makes your prospects tick, feel pain, cry with joy, and picture a whole new future beginning... thanks to you.

80% of your market is dominated by the top 20% providers.

Competition is fierce.

But all you need to defeat it is to be different and be visible.

We are here to accomplish both while you focus on dominating.

Your goals. Your style. Our strategies.

Bespoke solutions for every client.

Our streamlined project management system will have you dominating the market before 2021 ends.

Marketing like it was art.

From your very own digital headquarters to your next nation-wide campaign, everything will be carefully crafted with the utmost detail and good taste.

Multidimensional approach.

Your values and message will be carefully conveyed by combining strategic analysis, data and creativity.

Battle-tested methodology.

We know what will work for you because we applied it ourselves.

Blue ocean thinking.

You'll learn not only what will work for you, but also what will not work for business, saving you hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars in unnecessary billables.

The onboarding process.

Here's how it works.


We analyze what's your current situation to discover what would be your ideal situation.


We design a plan based on your current assets and strengths to gain advantage in the market.

Execution & Optimization.

We hunt your goals based on the mapped tactics and build upon market feedback.

Your best-kept secret weapon.

We do not reveal client information without your permission nor accept to work with your direct competitors to guarantee your success.

Your competition won't know who's tipping the scale in your favor.

Influence everywhere, clients anywhere.

Nation-wide reach but local expertise.

We have helped clients leverage their insider information and assets with our in-house systems to penetrate and dominate any market in America.

Wherever you are, you'll outperform your competitors and become the best agent, coach, seller or consultant every prospect wishes for, with us.

The internet has made experts, salespeople and specialists across all fields of capitalism very rich.

Let us help you seize the cut you deserve.

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